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  • Ipod Classic Bug

    I am basically reposting in here b/c I was not getting any feedback in my other posts, so I am assuming it is a bug concerning Ipod Classic...

    So I have used a buddies Ipod Video gen 5 or 5.5 with no problems. I tested out RR using his before I went and bought one of my own to see if I liked how it worked, and loved it.

    Now I hook in my ipod classic and all of the Ipod options come up in the library browser but when I click on artist, album, genre or playlist the next directory is empty.

    I went into winamp to make sure that i could play the songs off the ipod through it and see if there is any problem seeing the song/album names, and it all worked perfectly.

    So I after I play a few songs I close winamp. When I start rr back up there are a whole bunch of wierd filenames on my playlist cue, not even words just letter combinations. I play one and it is my Ipod list, all of my songs. But I cannot tell which is which of course b/c they are coming up w/ a name like azxcidk and zckkdhsi. I tried to go back into access my ipod lists and still empty. Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it??

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    did a little more research b/c spending all that money on the classic and not being able to use it the way I wanted is starting to **** me off... Not anyones fault really but you know when you think you have something all figured out and the way you want it then it doesn't work, yeah I am feeling that now...

    Anyway - I was looking around at Rock Box and they say this

    "Not supported. The 6th Gen Classic has completely different hardware compared to the other "classic" iPods, requiring a new port. "

    I don't know if this means anything to you smart tech guys or not but I figured it could'nt hurt...


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      my last finding didnt help?
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