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Winamp Linein and Music Resume Bug

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  • Winamp Linein and Music Resume Bug

    When the winamp linein plugin is checked in RRConfig, the music resume function doesn't work at startup or out of hibernation. When the linein plugin is unchecked, music resume works perfectly.

    I've reproduced this bug on more than one system now.

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    Interesting... I'll have to look at it, but from what I understand, The linein plugin should not affect music playback.
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      Thanks Guino, it's an odd bug to say the least.

      By the way, it's a problem with both the 2.95 and 5.13 version of winamp.


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        Originally posted by Machinehead View Post
        When the winamp linein plugin is checked in RRConfig
        This is something I suffer from on 90% of my start-ups and makes RR virtually unusable.

        Where is the check box in RRConfig, is it where you select what RR controls, i.e. Master volume? If it is then this isn't a fix for my problem because I have deleted the linein plugin from WA.


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          Depends which version of RRconfig you're running, but it's in the XM/Sirius options.

          Or you can edit it right out of the RR.ini if you know what you're looking for.