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iguidance causes Roadrunner to freeze.. all versions after 11/2/07

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  • iguidance causes Roadrunner to freeze.. all versions after 11/2/07

    Im having a problem with iguidance 4.0 and road runner. When iguidance is running it eventually freezes up RR. It doesnt matter if IGNATIVE=TRUE or FALSE, doesnt even matter if iguidance is embedded or not. If iguidance is running RR will freeze and become unresponsive to commands, labels/indicators will not update, and cpu hits 90% or more. Oddly enough window messages still work with Road runner during this freeze period but standard commands do not. Has anyone else experienced this? Any solutions? Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    The only thing that I can add would be that when I go to GPS(iG3,Native) for the first time, until iG has a positive location lock, RR becomes unresponsive and the music even studders till it get its lock, then all resumes as usual. Drives me nutz really!
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      Same thing (sort-a), in guidance mode, IG4 will consistently loose the destination (after a while) but it continues to run and rr DO NOT freeze; i just reenter the destination and go. That do not happen when i run IG stand alone.

      Running the rr weather fix version.
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