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  • Bluetooth Phone support - no more

    So, I've been searching for a few days now and I still havent found what I'm looking for. But basically here it is:

    From what I've been reading and researching, RR is integrated/pre-built with support for correct? Well, unfortunately it's been discontinued and the activation for another copy is limited to 20 times, so the chances of getting it from someone else is nill... So, I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I havent been able to find a program that will work with bluetooth on my phone. FreeFone doesnt work for my particular phone either...

    Also, just some extra complication... I've got a Motorola Q through Sprint (CDMA not GSM) and I've read about many problems with that combination. So umm... Am I missing something or what?

    And is RR going to be re-built without the support and integrate a non-retired piece of software?
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    as far as I can tell phoco went to CF? But I think they even changed that.

    And Zorro is quite stern about not allowing anyone to sell or give their copy to anyone else.

    At this point you are SOL if FreeFone wont work. The only software I know with bluetooth is CF right now, but that will be quite the expense just for phone integration.

    And I am sure guino will be back to build RR for a current release, but he is a busy man.
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      you could use my plugin. Its not integrated as standard but it is a plugin that many have got working. Not sure it'll def work wit your phone but its worth a try


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        Phoco is no longer available (though last versions still should work with RR). I recommend trying Lambo's plugin - it's the newest stuff around.
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