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VLCVidRR Bug in fullscreen with FULL a/r

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  • VLCVidRR Bug in fullscreen with FULL a/r

    There's a problem with VLCVidRR and leaving fullscreen when aspect-ratio is FULL.

    I've enabled auto-fullscreen in RoadRunner. This is working fine, also leaving fullscreen when moving the mouse. But I use a remote to control the pc. I'm not moving the mouse (leaving fullscreen) and then press an EXIT-button.

    I execute the command EXIT directly with my remote when RR is in fullscreen mode.
    This is working fine in fullscreen for every aspect I select (+16:9,-16:9,...) except FULL. Then the movie stops but the screen stays black.
    I know that VLC is still running, because with this plugin the VLC player is always showing a grey line at the bottom.

    The bug doesn't happen when FULL aspect ratio is selected and RR is NOT in fullscreen mode. RR then leaves the screen as it should.

    1. Could this please be fixed ?
    2. What's that grey line on the bottom for, anyway ? Can this be removed ?

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    1-Yes, if there's an issue using "EXIT" from a remote when on Video player, this can and needs to be fixed. Does this happen when using ANOTHER video player ? can you try it just to see ?
    2-There's no "GREEN" line anywhere I know of, if you have this, it may be a codec issue (Please DO note that some codecs exhibit weird behavior like this only when you resize the video in a specific way).
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      Tried MPCVidRR, no problem there.

      About the GREY line : Can be seen when not playing AND when playing a video.
      Can't take a screenshot of it. When I take a screenshot you can't see wether the playing video, nor the grey line (overlay ?)

      The line shows:
      -on my Win7 desktop pc (Win7 codec pack)
      -on my xp htpc without codec pack
      -on my xp htpc with codec pack

      Both system running the newest VLC. Will check the RR version on my HTPC in a few days. Froze often enough today while trying to fix the problem, and tomorrow I'm gone for holidays till tuesday.


      BTW: Video is not filtered with VLC, video playback is pixelated. Running VLC alone this doesn't happen, also doesn't happen with MPCVidRR.
      Guess I should switch to MPCVidRR and try to get dvd controls working there