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Still getting the Select + problem.

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  • Still getting the Select + problem.

    Hello Guino,

    I just downloaded 2-27 and I'm still getting the select+ problem. In audio browser I can push clear playlist and that works fine. I can push +1 and that will add the one song just fine. But pushing Select + just takes me right back to the player screen and no songs have been added.

    As I was typing this, I just tried something else and got it to work. I highlighted the folder that I wanted to Select + then I pushed +1 and it added all songs in that folder.

    Interesting.. a temp fix, but I don't think that's how you intended it to work. Hope this helps.
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    I have double checked this and found no issue, please download the BINARY package 03-02-05 and try again. (just unzip the files over your current ones, run RRConfig, save settings and run it)
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