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Fresh install uses 100% system resources

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  • Fresh install uses 100% system resources

    Hi all. Just switching over from MediaCar due to some recomendations and I seem to be having a bit of trouble.
    As soon as I start RR it goes right to 100% utilization and locks up solid.
    I used the very latest InstallShield version just an hour ago and same issue. I uninstalled WinAmp pro and am now using the Winamp from Mediacar's directory with same result.

    It's a completely new OS load of Windows XP Pro SP2 running on an Epia M10000 with 256MB, 250GB HD, XMPCR(USB) connected to a USB SB Audigy 2 NX via optical digital cable, Griffen Powermate Volume control, Linksys USB wireless ethernet, Liliput 7" touchscreen & a 303 GPS mouse.

    Any ideas?

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    Try going in RRConfig and setting up a different skin -- see if that works, the Brushmetal skin has flash objects and you might be running into trouble there.. in which case you'd need to updat the macromedia flash of the machine.. There's a full skin (Alpine) on my site if you want to "try" and see if that one works.. if it does. you probably just need to run Internet Explorer (Not any other browser please) and update the flash/shockwave players from macromedia's site..

    IF the above doesn't work, please post your RR.INI file so I can look at it. Chances are there's just a bad setting..
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      Updating flash did the trick.

      BTW, now that I can use it, it's a wonderfull interface! Thanks for taking the time to put this together!