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  • GPS / Map Point current position

    I've found an issue where by I have the show current GPS position enabled (I want it enabled all the time).

    When my Car PC starts and goes into GPS mode, if I current don't have a lock (which is 99.99% of the time) and then get a lock it does not show the current GPS position. It only shows the current position if I then go into POS Mode, Toggle current GPS Position.

    06 Volvo XC90
    Use to have installed MII 10000/512Mb/40GB, Lilliput 7", OPUS 90W, Wifi-G PCMCIA, Head Unit Aux adapter, Delorme GPS, XM PCR, Audigy NX, RR
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    this is by design... if you go into the GPS screen with Mappoint and you don't have a GPS lock, the "SHOW GPS POS" will be OFF. when it aquires signal, you should then click on "SHOW GPS POS" to turn it on and show you where you are...
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