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Audio CD Auto-play Playlist NOT updated

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  • Audio CD Auto-play Playlist NOT updated

    When an Audio-CD is inserted and Windows XP is configured to auto-play Audio-CD in WinAmp, the WinAmp's playlist is updated (e.g. Artist - Track 01,etc). However, the RR's playlist is NOT updated. If the playlist is empty prior to insertion of Audio-CD, the playlist remains empty. If the playlist displays a list of MP3 songs prior to insertion of Audio-CD, the playlist remains displaying those MP3 songs instead of the Audio-CD tracks. This results in out-of-synch with the WinAmp's playlist. For the case where the RR's playlist is incorrectly displaying a list of MP3 songs, selecting for example track 6 from RR's playlist WILL play track 6 of the Audio-CD. Any solution to this?
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    You have to execute RELOADLIST for RR to reload the playlist. The quick and easy way to solve this is to add a RELOADLIST button on your Any time you insert a CD, just hit that button.
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      Typically, RR would monitor changes in the playlist and reload the list if it changed.. I had to remove that when adding winamp library support cause I didn't want it to reload the tags that were already loaded from the library..
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