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2 Buggets - Very Rare

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  • 2 Buggets - Very Rare

    Probably not much you can do and its a git to replicate...
    If using a 800x400 skin and say you change your vid card ( and forget to remove the autostart of RR like I did lol ) ( btw using MC2 ) RR postions its self so you cant access the exit button but shows about an inch of the desktop around it... how ever you cant access that desktop.

    Its further compounded if you have the task bar hidden as you cant close any thing down or exit unless you get a keyboard out....

    The same happerns if say a new device ( ie a USB device ? ) brings a dialogue screen up in the background just before RR starts.... RR postions the top corner in the same spot of the top corner of the new dialouge box... effect the same you cant exit very easily.

    Hope that helps...

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