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RR crashes on invalid audio file

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  • RR crashes on invalid audio file

    Not sure that this is a bug really, but the last time I transferred some audio files to the car pc, for whatever reason some of them didn't contain any data (as in 0 bytes). I didn't realize it so when I tried to play one of the files, RR gave an invalid file error and froze completely. I closed RR in the task manager and restarted it to no avail. It would allow you to navigate menus/lists but there was no audio. Everything was fine after a full restart. All my audio files are in .aif format and I'm running an nlited XP, winamp version 2.95. I will try to run the files directly in winamp later today to see if it is the offending party in the error handling department.
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    unless it's an mp3 file, RR won't try to read the files directly, and even then it's only for ID3 data and there are plenty of preventions against file size issues. so my guess is that the error is coming from winamp. Because of the high level of integration between winamp-RR, it's possible that RR would freeze up when/if winamp freezes up.. but it doesn't in most cases.
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