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Highlighted dirs only show a few chars, album art still borked

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  • Highlighted dirs only show a few chars, album art still borked

    As you can see, when an item is highlighted, it scrolls, but only shows a few letters at a time.

    There is also a problem with the album art still.

    First, I go into one of the folders that has an album art image in it (one single .JPG file)

    Then, I back out of it, and the folder for the album now has the art:

    Then, I back out of that and go back to my main artist listing:

    and go back into the folder:

    I am using the latest source code with a couple modifications of my own - when I removed those modifications (used the provided 5-2 binary) the problem persisted.

    This skin is the CFX skin, but the problem (both the small highlighted items and the album art anomaly) happens on every skin and with every font.

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    yes, this has been reported, I'm gonna fix it real soon here, just having unlucky problems with my @#$ internet.. can't even think of uploading anything through my cell phone..
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      I know how you feel. **** Insight, eh? I have had less problems by leeching off of unsecured wireless (and trust me I've had my fair share) than I've had with Insight