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The rr hangs with bluetooth gps

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  • The rr hangs with bluetooth gps

    I have a bluetooth gps and when all is turned on, all ok. But when i turn off the gps the rr freeze for 3 seconds every 15seconds. But the worse thing is that when i unplug the bluetooth usb its hangs more time about 10 seconds every 15sec.

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    That exclusively depends on the Bluetooth Drivers installed. Mine will hang for 3 seconds (searching for the device if it's not in range), but will not even lag a split second if I remove the Bluetooth dongle. There's not much I can do to fix this, I mean, it's the bluetooth drivers hanging for 3 seconds and not RR.. if you don't believe, open the GPS port in hyperterminal, then turn the GPS off (or move it away from working range) and do the same, you'll see it "freeze" for the same 3 seconds.
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      you are right, i clear the port in the rr config and it was everything ok.