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  • Slow visualization

    When I select 'Rotation' to let the trackname rotate the visualization is very slow, just a few fps.
    When I select 'Side-to-Side' the visualization is only slowing down when the trackname actually scrolls. So its only slow with long tracknames.
    When I select wrap text and it scrolls it will always be fast.

    Its always fast in fullscreen mode, I dont know what this issue could be. I have a fast system (amd mobile sempron 3000+, 512mb, geforce 6100) so that cant be a problem.

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    This probably has to do with which vis and how it's setup in your machine. You should look for hardware acceleration and overlay options when possible.
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      Thanks, I will look into it and report if it helped or not.

      I am using MilkDrop btw.


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        I couldnt find any settings for hardware accelleration, but I tried the AVS vis. and that worked like a charm.