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wrong mp3 names when loading large list of mp3s

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  • wrong mp3 names when loading large list of mp3s

    Here's what's going on:

    I load my entire mp3 collection of 3000+ songs to the playlist.

    I click on one of the songs and it starts playing, but the song playing is not the song that I clicked on. The proper song is displayed when I view winamp but not when viewing the song list in roadrunner. I click another song and it does play the one i click on. It's completely random if it plays the one I click on or not.

    This doesn't appear to happen when loading small lists of 30-50 songs.

    I'm using the latest version of roadrunner (2006/10/08) and winamp 2.95

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    it seems I fixed the problem by getting rid of the "-" in music settings->titles after. I already had "dont format text" and "dont use id3 tags" selected.


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      where are you seeing these settings?? i cant find them in the RR config module? i want to use my file names not id3 tags..
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        Load up the rr config, there is a program called rrconfig.exe if I remember correctly. Look through the various programs that are in the roadrunner directory.