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RR/Media Player Classic hanging when playing video

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  • RR/Media Player Classic hanging when playing video

    I have a variety of video files in different format like .avi, .asf, .flv, .wmv etc
    and have installed K-Lite Codec Pack Standard v2.81 (currently latest version).

    When I play video through RR, RR freezes randomly. Sometime it freezes on file A, other time file D. There is no fixed pattern. From the task manager, I could see both RR and Media Player Classic are both in "Not Responding" status. If I terminate the Media Player Classic process, RR will continue to work.

    But when I double clicked on the video files in Explorer without RR running, Window Media Player Classic fires up and plays ALL of them without any problem, ALL the time. So that pretty much rules out any video files corruption or codec problems.

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    some codecs don't work very well when RR resizes/manipulates the video window from media player classic. That's the case for some earlier versions of the ffmpeg codec for instance.. I always recommend installing DivX, XviD, Windows Media Codecs and whatever other direct show filters you want to use (i.e. Real Audio/Quick Time/etc), but all separate.. once you load one of the codec "packs" you never know what the heck they're doing. a lot of the times even if you uninstall them they still manage to screw up the settings to where it prevents the normal codecs from working.
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      I believe I have found the cause. It's not the codec packs but rather the method used by Media Player Classic for playing the video. The MPC.ini file in RR directory causes Media Player Classic to use System Default for DirectShow Video output and I experienced the same random hanging problem with both my home and car PC.

      What I did was to rename MPC.ini in RR directory to prevent it from overwriting the MPC settings. Start up MPC and changing the DirectShow Video output setting to either VMR7 (renderless) or VMR9 (renderless) and the random hanging problem is now history...


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        i found the fix for the video there is a VIDEO file association in the RR.ini
        adding the above line under the [video] options worked and fixed the .flv issue now i can watch all the youtube videos i want (pinkfloyd synced with the wizard of oz, how can you miss out?)

        also there is a spot in the RRconfig on the video tab, my eyes overlooked it till i was here "focused" at work

        this is all working because im using the klite codec pack, install and use it (comes with mplayer classic) and then you can edit your ini to see your .flv files playes perfect
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