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  • Speed Fan Issues

    I downloaded Speed Fan, and spent some time working on the skin for it in Photoshop, just to find out something is wrong somewhere.

    The values in the speed fan application window are correct, and show that it is reading the sensors on my mother board. However I can not get most of them to show up in Road Runner. I started with "SFT1" for the first temperature sensor and nothing.... I tried number all the way up to "SPT20" and still nothing.

    I can only get a couple of the voltages, and the CPU fan RPM. (Rest of the labels on the following screen cap are RR labels).

    On another note, if you try to justify the text output with the :Left", "RIGHT", or "CENTER" tag, it shows random text for the labels, and no longer shows the speed fan data.

    Here is a capture of the skin, most everything show's 0's. I tried number ranges on the Temperature, and Voltages up to 20 with no luck at all.

    Here is a cap of the Speed Fan app showing the info I am trying to get into RR:

    The 88 is my case, the 113 is the CPU (Tested by blocking the fan on it), Hard Drive 0 and 1 are also correct, started Defrag on them and saw an increase in temperature. All the voltages are showing also, and I can only get 2 of them into RR.

    This is what I get if I try to format the text with a right, left, or center tag in the skin:

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