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Dualmon: What is it and how to use it.

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  • Dualmon: What is it and how to use it.

    Alright guys, many of you have problem with this feature so here it is.

    First: dualmon is not really dual monitors as it was name. By the time of coding, I was unable to come up with a good name for it. Because I had dual monitor setup (primary and secondary) and the feature work great for the purpose, so I called it dualmon for Dual Monitor.

    - What dualmon actually is?
    - If enable, it allows video, dvd function to continue to play when you aren't on or dvd skin (gps screen is a good example). So basically, the feature allow to to play video/dvd and having GPS at the same time.

    - If you disable this setting, the only way to have video or dvd playing is you have to be on video or dvd skin. In short, you cannot have a GPS screen display and playing music video at the same time.

    This is suck if you have a lot of music videos and you want to play it while on the road but also need gps at the same time. If you switch to gps screen, music will be playing instead.

    Also, some of us family guys do have kids in the back and want to watch movie as well. If you have 2ndary screen install, you can have the video/dvd playing on the 2ndary screen while the front LCD display GPS. This is my main reason for the feature.

    - How to use this feature?
    To use this feature, your video card/driver must support extended desktop with video overlay. RoadRunner doesn't send video to secondary monitor. That is the job of the video driver. Almost all nvidia card with multiple output (VGA+Composite, VGA+Svideo, VGA+VGA) will do video overlay very well. My onboard GeForce MX4 (VGA + Composite/Svideo) can do video overlay without any hiccup. I'm not sure about ATI or any other video card.

    So you ask, can I use this feature if your video card doesn't handle video overlay? Sure, why not? An example is playing music video (video player) while on GPS mode.
    For some reason, if you don't want the feature or disable it, just set dualmon=false or remove the setting from RR.ini. By default this feature is disable.

    This feature work best if you use built in video player for Video and Media Player Classic (NOT MS Media Player) for DVD. This player came with RR download so there is no additional download.

    If you use other DVD player (WinDVD, PowerDVD), take a look at this thread
    Also, make sure the skin file name is correct. For DVD, you can only name it with these 3 names:,, The default skin is This is the file that the DVD button will load. Depend on the version (WinDVD, PowerDVD) you have, some will have an option to hide the player's control panel while other doesn't. This is the main reason I recommended to use MPC. You don't need all the bell and whistle those 2 players offer.

    In general, DVD playing option is really suck with RoadRunner compare to Frodo Player because it has built in player. Someday, RoadRunner when roadrunner has it own built in player, that will be perfect.

    This feature is available NATIVELY in RR since version May 1st, 2006.
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