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Problem/trouble downloading from NISU's website, what can I do?

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  • Problem/trouble downloading from NISU's website, what can I do?

    Troubles with downloading or Login:

    Basic considerations:

    Browser must be configured to accept "session cookies" and the SSL options must be enabled (once you login you change to an SSL session "https server"). So...
    1. For cookies setting: Tools-> Internet options -> privacy (box "accept session cookies" must be enabled)
    2. For SSL setting: Tools->Internet options ->advance options (SSL options must be enabled)
    If you are still having problems it can also be:
    1. You are behind a company proxy, which is blocking cookies or who knows ???. In this case, try from a different computer with a different internet access (home for instance)

      See someone with this issue:
      Originally posted by m109ner View Post
      It had to be something with my work computer. I got home and downloaded the file(s) without a problem.

      Not sure why I was having the problem as I download from that computer all the time - Using IE. Hmmmmmmmm?
    2. Some antivirus configurations, (Some people using Norton has had some troubles with oscommerce stores. NISU is using oscommerce). There is not much to do here until someone finds a solution. Other antivirus solutions do not seems to get in trouble with oscommerce.
      Personally, I'm using Kaspersky, which is probably the best antivirus in terms of virus & attacks detection and consumption of the PC resources. It is not free, but it has a very reasonable price.
    Are there any problems depending on the browser ?:

    There should be no problems if you are using IE or Firefox (we haven't tested with other browsers, but nearly sure will also work fine).
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