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How to embbed any Application in RR ?

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  • How to embbed any Application in RR ?

    To embbed an application you simply need its window title or class name

    For "discovering" window information, you can use a very nice application called Winspecttor Spy.. (down)

    Or you can use the attached FindWindowInfo (UPDATED 5/24/2012) application and just move the mouse over the title of the window you want to embed.

    You can find the information of the window by doing this:
    -Install Winspector
    -Run your application and make sure the window you want to embedd is visible
    -Run Winspector
    -Drag the red target circle (top-left) onto the WINDOW TITLE of the window you want to embedd -- you should see a red line around the ENTIRE window.
    -Now the window information is highlighted on the list of the left side of Winspector.
    -Right-Click on the highlighted item and hit "Properties.." a new window comes up
    -The information you need is in the two first lines of the properties window (class name and window title).

    You can try to use the second line info (Text/Title) or the first line with a '!' in front (to denote it's a class name) as the Window title. Examples would be (for the window search setting of INI):

    !CabinetWClass (by window class name)
    My Documents (by window title)

    You can also specify Both information (for a more precise search):

    !CabinetWClass!My Documents

    Note: It is NOT necessary to use the entire class name or window title to embed the application, but the more data you provide, lower are the chances of embbeding the wrong window. Some applications change the class name and/or window title on different runs, in which case you should provide only the data that doesn't change. WinC is a good example of that.

    Once you have the information above defined you have to options to emmbed the application:

    1-Set it up in the launch screen (easier)
    2-Create a button to launch it directly from your skin (harder)

    To set it up an Application on the Launch Folder:

    -You must have a "base" launch folder (i.e. C:\LAUNCH\)
    -You must create a sub-folder with your App's name (i.e. C:\LAUNCH\Calc)
    -You must create a INI with the same name of your sub-folder (i.e. calc.ini)
    -You must enter AT LEAST those two lines in the INI file:


    -You must have the correct path and windowsearch (found with winspector) setup right for it to work correctly
    -You can OPTIONALLY save a image with your sub-folder name for displaying in the launch screen (i.e. calc.jpg)

    Note: The latest RR binary packages and install have examples of Launch folder and ini files you can use as base for adding other applications.

    To add a button to launch your application

    -You'll need to make a skin file for it (i.e.
    -Create or Edit a Skin button code to be like the following:

    "LOAD;CALC.SKIN;C:\WINDOWS\system32\calc.exe;c alc"

    If you need details on what's what on the above code -- look at Skin Commands.txt it is defined there under the LOAD Dynamic commad.

    Some Usefull Window Names:

    FrodoXM: FrodoSatelliteRadioX
    Explorer (not the web browser): !ExploreWClass
    Calculator: Calc
    Notepad: Notepad
    Total Commander: !TOTAL_CMD!Total Commander
    CDRip PLugin: RRCDRip

    Flashing of Embbeded applications

    In most cases, clicking on RR's skin with an embbeded application will cause the application to "flash". The application flashes because RR's window comes up in front of your embbeded application. The way to "fix" this is to clip out that area of RR's window so it does not come up in front of your embbeded application. Once the area is clipped out of RR's skin, that region of the window will not surface above your embbeded application, preventing it from flashing.

    The clipping definition must be added in your Application's screen (.skin file). Basically you'll open the .skin file and look for the line that starts with AXX,xxx... copy and paste this line as a new line and change the "A" from the new line to a "C" making it look like CXX,xxx...

    Once the clipping definition is in place, it is normal to see "through" the screen while the application loads (in the space where the application will embed). But once the application is loaded, it will not flash when clicking in RR's skin.
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