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How do I setup my Radio or Sat Tuner ? Which tunners work ?

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  • How do I setup my Radio or Sat Tuner ? Which tunners work ?

    Those FM Tunners work in RR:

    -DLink DRU-100 [USB]
    -Cinergy 600 [PCI] (RR does have RDS Text Support)
    -WinTV (Any Model with Radio [USB] or [PCI] ) -- You MUST install the WinTV Radio application
    -Any Radiator Supported Tunner (as in most front-ends) -- You MUST install Radiator
    -XMPCR, XMD1000 or SIRIUS Tuners with MitchJS interface.
    -HQCT Module [USB]
    -German Self Made Blaupunkt Twin Tuner ( Here )
    -Silabs Tuner w/ RDS [USB]
    -HD Radio Tuners: Directed DMHD-1000 or Visteon HDZ300 (cables available from

    Note: There's also a skinnable RR plugin for controling the RadioShark tuner ( Here )

    Radio Setup is fairly simple:

    -Open RRConfig
    -Scroll Down to the Radio Section (or use Radio button on top)
    -Select the Type/Option for your Radio accordingly (Radiator/DLink/Cinergy/WinTV/HQCT).
    -IF you select Radiator: Set the path to Radiator.
    -IF you select WinTV: Set the path to the WinTV RADIO application.
    -Select which Audio Line to UmMute/Mute when using Radio (Optional)
    -Select "Allow all frequencies" if you need to tune even frequencies like 91.8 or 103.2 etc (some countries use that, against FCC standards)

    SAT Radio Setup

    -Open RRConfig
    -Scroll Down to the SAT Section (or use SAT button on top)
    -Setup the Serial Port used to control the Tuner
    -Select which Audio Line to UmMute/Mute when using Radio (Optional)
    -You may need to open and change the command from "XM" to "SIRIUS" on the brushed skins -- other skins may have a direct option to launch the "SIRIUS" screen.

    Radiator Notes:
    -To use Radiator you MUST DISABLE the option to "scroll the title" on the taskbar.
    -If you have Radiator Presets setup, it will cause RR to always add those presets when searching stations. RR will preload those presets if none exist.
    -If you have Radiator Presets setup, it will also cause the "scan"/"seek" function in RR to always stop at those preset locations.

    Alternate Setting: If your soundcard does not support/allow you to hear the Audio Input line automatically by UnMuting the Audio line:

    -Check the "Use Line In Plugin" Option in RRConfig
    -Download and install the LINE-IN plugin for winamp:
    -PLEASE: Read the documentation of the plugin for information on using other input lines (Aux/Mic etc) -- Basically you have to select which input line to record from using the Windows Mixer.

    Note: You should either use the "line to unmute/mute feature" or the "line-in plugin" but NOT BOTH. This will depend on your sound card.. if it can playback audio directly from the audio line you plugged the sirius tuner, then you don't need the line in plugin, if it can't then you need the line in plugin and you need to select the appropriate recording source in the windows mixer so it records from the sirius tuner and plays it back to your speakers.
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