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How do I install Road Runner ?

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  • How do I install Road Runner ?


    First, you need to know Road Runner is not for the faint of heart. It was never meant to be very easy to setup, but many users have worked towards that goal (for instance on making a InstallShield and Update Tool). The main objective is to have: a solid front-end with high flexibility and configurability -- The price for this is that it will take some effort to setup everything the way you want (Basically: Flexibility and Configurability requires more options -- the more options you have, the more you have to setup).


    -Windows 2000/Server 200x/XP/XPe/Vista or Windows 7 (No, you can NOT run it on CE -- Support for 98/ME is no longer provided)
    -At least a VGA screen (DirectX accelerated graphics recommended)
    -RAM & CPU Requirements vary according to the skin used
    -Visual Basic Runtime Files (if you get DLL/OCX errors, get it HERE )
    -Winamp ( -- MUST NOT be a LITE version and you should use a CLASSIC skin.
    (All versions From 2.95 HIGHER should work -- Winamp 2.95 is recommended for performance reasons)
    (Users of Winamp 5.24 & above: It's been reported the Jump-to-File plugin crashes when resuming from standby/hibernation. Update or uninstall this plugin if you have such issue)

    Note: MediaCar is NOT required.

    There are Two ways of installing RR:

    Install using the Road Runner InstallShield

    -Make sure the requirements are fullfilled
    -Get the Installshied at:
    -Setup your settings using the latest RRConfig:
    -There's also this thread with information on installing RR through the installshield

    Manually Install Road Runner - (No longer supported)

    -Make sure the requirements are fullfilled
    -Download the Road Runner Binary Package from my site
    -Download a FULL Skin (from my site or anywhere else) -- Make sure it is NOT just the skin update
    -Unzip Road Runner's Binary package wherever you wish to install it at (i.e. C:\Road Runner\)
    -Unzip your FULL skin wherever you wish to install it at -- This should be a Sub Folder of an Empty Folder like:
    C:\Road Runner\Skins\BrushMetal\
    -Setup your settings using the latest RR Config:

    The Binary Package should come with a Launch Folder (that you should point RR Config onto). You can add applications to the launch folder by following the examples provided.

    Note: If you have doubt about setting up Radio, GPS etc.. look for the appropriate FAQ thread.
    Ride Runner RR's Myspace

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