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How do I setup TV / Camera Support ?

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  • How do I setup TV / Camera Support ?


    -WDM Compatible TV Tuner or Camera
    -Winamp TV plugin (You can get it HERE)

    To set up a TV Tuner in RR

    -Install the TV plugin
    -Get a skin with TV support -- The Brushed skins for instance
    -Run winamp (Alone -- outside RR)
    -Press "configure" on the TV input plugin
    -Tell it to use "Thin Frame"
    -Tell it where to save presets and do a quick scan
    -Go in RRconfig and set the location of your TV presets, when RR starts the TV, it will load them up as channels and show you the TV feed. You CAN rename those files to display the channel names in the TV screen (if you wish to).

    To setup a WDM Camera (No Tuner)
    When setting up a simple WebCam (no Tuner) you may get some errors because the plugin tries to find the tuner and rendering options. Simply ignore any error messages and do this:

    -Change the Input Pin to "Preview"
    -Select Output Frame as "Thin Frame"
    -Try marking the Use Video Mixing Renderer 9 (optional)
    -Tell it where to save presets
    -Click "Add manually" and add a "channel" to the input source of your camera -This is the file RR will load to show you the Camera view.
    -Go in RRconfig and set the location of your Camera preset, when RR starts the TV screen, it will load it up as a channel and show you the Camera feed.

    Note: It is STRONGLY recommended that you save your presets in a folder that ONLY cointains TV/Camera Presets and has NO subfolders.

    Note: If your soundcard does not support/allow you to hear the Audio Input line automatically by UnMuting the Audio line:

    -Check the "Use Line In Plugin" Option in RRConfig
    -Download and install the LINE-IN plugin for winamp:
    -PLEASE: Read the documentation of the plugin for information on using other input lines (Aux/Mic etc) -- Basically you have to select which input line to record from using the Windows Mixer.
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