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How do I browse Multiple Locations for Audio and Video ?

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  • How do I browse Multiple Locations for Audio and Video ?

    There is a way you can have as many video/audio folders as you wish, anywhere, and in ANY drive/pen drive, external drive etc:

    Here's how I put this together and at the same time made the Audio CD player work too (for both audio tracks and mp3 CDs):

    -A "go home" feature is done by pressing and holding the "BROWSE" button (the one that simple presses lets you view the selected folder). This feature allows you to go to your main "browse" location.

    -You should make a BROWSE.RRL file (which is a simple text file) you create and place in ANY of your folders accessible in RR. The format for this file is basically:


    For instance, If I made the following BROWSE.RRL file and placed it at my D:\Music\ folder:

    F:\;>PEN DRIVE<
    C:\Windows\;Windows Folder

    I used the "<" and ">" characters to simply "call attention".

    When I browse that location on my hard drive (D:\Music\), RR will display those "options" on the very top of the list. If I wish to borwse any of those locations I simply have to click "browse" on any of them.

    Since you can't really switch drives with the "GO BACK" and "BROWSE" functions, you can return to your music/video home (set in RRConfig) by pressing and holding the browse button ("go home" feature) -- which in my case would again show the BROWSE.RRL file and the folder contents.

    You can create as many BROWSE.RRL files as you want, and place as many items you want in them.

    To play Audio CDs, you'll need to add the .CDA extension to your audio files setting in RRConfig (unless it is/was blank).

    The Multiple Browse feature works in ANY folder browser used in RR. Furtheremore, it may even work on the Application Launch list -- if by any means you have some use for it there.

    NOTE: If you have any trouble make sure of this first:

    -Open any "explorer window" (i.e. the folder with the browse.rrl file)
    -Click Tools->Folder Options, then go into the "VIEW" tab
    -Look through the list and make sure that the "hide extensions for known file types" option is DISABLED and click OK.
    -Now make sure your file name is not anything like "browse.rrl.txt" instead of just browse.rrl
    -Also make sure to put the browse.rrl file in a folder that RR can browse onto (i.e. you music folder).
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