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How to play DVD with MPC -- Can I use WinDVD/PowerDVD ?

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  • How to play DVD with MPC -- Can I use WinDVD/PowerDVD ?

    I've noticed that some of you guys have problems with playing dvds with media player classic on the EPIA M10000. I ran into the same problem today when installing my DVD Drive on my m10000.

    Here's a quick guide how to solve the problem:

    1. Install PowerDVD
    2. Enable Hardware Accelration in PowerDVD
    3. Start Media Player Classic from the Roadrunner Folder
    4. In the Options Dialog under Filters, disable ALL Filters
    5. Save those settings and exit
    6. delete mpc.ini
    7. make a copy of mplayer.ini
    8. rename this copy to mpc.ini
    9. ENJOY

    Now DVD should play perfect.
    Maybe this could be transfered to a tutorial section aswell.


    Audi S6 2.2 Turbo

    RNS-E Headunit
    Helix HX400=AXTON Amp
    Audi Doorspeakers and 15" JBL in Sparewheel Hole
    19" Alutec Alloys, ABT-Silencer, FK-Suspension

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    ? - on this solution ISO's and Integration

    Originally posted by kolemieux
    Kill me for the stupid question - I've done a lot of work with RR but am finally getting around to posting on some of my ?-s. I try to search hard before asking stupid stuff at all costs.

    1 - Have you managed to fully seamlessly integrate this with transit controls and such - I've not had much luck but looks like you've nailed it.

    2 - Can you tell me if you (or anyone) has the command syntax or process that I would use to automount with Daemon Tools the ISO and then play automatically in the following player or MPC.

    Thanks so much for any guidance, and I will search more as well.
    Guino> A's & about PowerDVD and WinDVD

    In case others have the same questions:

    -MPC is used by RR when you set the DVD player to INTERNAL in RRConfig. RR will then use the SAME video controls to control MPC for DVD playback as it does for VIDEOS.
    -There's nothing you need to do in order to make this work. Just make sure MPC's path is specified in RRConfig and that you have the DVD player set to Internal.

    There's also a direct "control" interface for PowerDVD and WinDVD (Requires a skin that has -- i.e. BMV2):

    Change the button code on from "DVD" to either:




    then set the player in RRConfig to EXTERNAL and set the path and window title of the DVD application you're using. Note that so far I only know the brushed skins to have the above skin files required for this interface to work.