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    I'm a new RR user and have already started making my own skin. The functionality and ease of use is incredible, however I do have one gripe. I'm not a coder, and I have attempted a workaround but nothing seems to work.

    Since I legally download my music (and am planning to sync my legal music with my carputer), I can't get RR to display the artist name. I'm a bit surprised that this is the case being that Rhapsody and Yahoo! Music are going so mainstream now as opposed to downloading illegally.

    I searched the internet and managed to find some VB source code that would read the tag info from WMAs at:

    Would anyone be interested in integrating this into RR?

    The whole reading function is done and the source code is openly available at that URL. All you would have to do is take the return information and write a label function for it.

    Thanks! I hope people are interested and this will take off.


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    There are tags already in RR for artist name, track number, album name and a SLEW of others.

    Check the skincommands.txt in the root of the Road RUnner folder. Do a search for TAGTITLE.

    Also ensure that you have Use ID3 Tags int he RR config is checkmarked.
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      Yes, but the problem is protected WMAs don't use ID3 tags. They use a different internal file structure and a new plug-in would have to be written to read them. I have tried using all the different skin commands to display it properly. I have also tried playing with every option in regards to reading or not reading the ID3 tags.

      Yahoo! formats all of my music in the following file structure:
      My Music/My Yahoo! Music/Artist/Album/Tracknumber - Artist Name - Song Name.wma

      However, the following label tags display the following information.
      We'll base this on The Used - Take It Away (Album Version)

      TAGARTIST displays "Take It Away (Album Version)"
      TAGTITLE displays nothing.
      TAGYEAR displays nothing.
      TAGALBUM displays nothing.
      TAGGENRE displays nothing.
      PLTEXT displays nothing.
      TRACKNAME displays "The Fray / How To Save A Life"

      Now that last one really confuses me, being as the track that was being played was Take It Away... which happened to be the ONLY song on the playlist at the time. I had just removed How To Save a Life from the playlist. The reason I could get all the information out of that one was only because it's one of my rare MP3 files though.

      I would be happy just getting it to display the filename but for some reason all I can display is the actual track name no matter what I put in.

      Thanks for your reply!


      Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that winamp reads all the track information perfectly and on the winamp playlist displays the song as "Used, The - Take It Away (Album Version)." On the internal RR playlist only the song titles are shown. All of my songs have been imported into the media library as well.

      I appreciate any and all help!


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        A plugin would be probably only give you what you want for saved playlists. Another option to consider is create some RRCode to reload the playlist "Onsongstart."

        I have several collections that are M4a files. Winamp will only read them into the playlist if I page through it waiting for Winamp to catch up. Once the whole playlist has been loaded into Winamp, if I then load RR all the songs data can be displayed upon one reloadlist. (I added a reloaodlist button to my audio browser just in case).

        Lastly, and this one I haven't tried yet, set repeat to off, scan through your playlist with the reloadlist onsongstart, then resave the playlist. I believe this will retain the winamp track info for RR use. At least I expect it to work on M4a files, your mileage may vary.

        OBTW, I just remembered I did have to load a winamp plugin to read the track data.
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