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Could someone use a "album art organizer" script?

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  • Could someone use a "album art organizer" script?

    I wrote this for myself but others may find it helpful.. who knows.. its a script that reads your music path from rr.ini to see if album art exists in your music folders. Once the script is complete it populates two lists. List one is every folder in your music path that has album art stored with anything name and a .jpg extension. Second list is a list of folders in your music path that do not contain album art.

    The second function of the script is to copy the first album art image in each directory album art is found to folder.jpg should a folder.jpg not already exist.

    Maybe at some point i'll interface this script with the walmart site so that it will download the missing images automatically. Cant promise this though because i'm sure it will require things i'm not currently capable of.

    Does anyone want the script. Its just basically a matter of running the .exe... it will start RR and once its complete both lists will appear in the folder the script is in. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    Well, that sounds like something I just did last nite... execpt that I did it using one of RR commands..

    I used the "EXEC; <CODE COMMAND>" from the skin commands.txt

    I Set it up so that if I am playing a song and the tags need to be fixed I can just click on the tag and it writes the songpath to a fixsongtag.txt file on the desktop, same goes for the album art.. I was thinking about making an autoit for this but then I remembered that somewhere there was a command that was created that would allow you to basically click on a label or invisible area that acted like a button.
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