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    Hi everyone!

    First of all: Nice work everyone who has contributed to his software!

    Well.. I'm working on a "transparent" CarPuter install in my BMW's (330d e46 and Z8 e52) I have been using CarX for a while, but since the support for BMW obviously is dropped, I'm looking elsewhere.

    What I'll try to do is integrate RR + the iDrive skin with the controls of the OEM nav unit (via Ibuscomm).

    Now I have the controls up and running, but I have to figure out how to switch between the PC and NAV display. (using OEM nav display for PC video). This could be done via "RTS -> high" line switching, but I haven't figured out if RR / IbusRR will do this as it is written at the moment.

    (The video lines and audiooutput from the PC will be switched by relays via a RGBs converter to the OEM display / audio input when RTS is set to HIGH... )

    I would also like to see a feature that ONLY enables command parsing from IbusRR when the OEM-TAPE is active. (polling the system for tape code?) This is so the PC software will not be "disturbed" with input from the OEM controls when in OEM-mode. (listening to OEM radio, using OEM nav etc....)
    As it is now, the PC could be put in hibernation or switched off unwillingly while I'm fiddeling with the navigator or radio...

    The ULTIMATE goal for this is to be able to use the OEM components (radio / nav / cd-changer etc...) and having the PC sitting in the background, watching for POI's that I'm intrested in (speedcams, radartraps, etc..), playing MP3's on occation..

    When a POI of interest is in proximity, I would like the RTS be set to HIGH so the video is switched to the display and a speedcam warning is issued regardless if I'm in "OEM-mode" or not. (I have hacked the NAV DVD's to include my POI's, but I need an ALERT-function!)

    The RTS signal should be manually toggled with the "clock-button" on the NAV-unit to bring up the PC on request. (Ibuscode F004FF480744)

    To make my suggestion even a bit more complicated, It would be VERY nice to have RR reading GPS data from the Ibus ...

    Sounds doable / anybody done this before?

    Kind regards

    Marc in Tromsų (NORWAY)