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Bluetooth RR Plugins (Non-GSM)

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  • Bluetooth RR Plugins (Non-GSM)

    I've been looking around at RR plugins for bluetooth connectivity with phones, but they all seem to be for GSM-type phones.

    Are there any out for CDMA / Verizon phones? I have a CDMA LG phone, but can't find any that work.


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      There are some CDMA phones that do work with Phonecontrol.. I'm not sure if they work over bluetooth, but I know there are a few that work.. it's just sad that CDMA phones are not as standardized as GSM ones.. though I must say, there are plenty of GSM phones without any good support for phonecontrol.
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        What about the palm centro? I am going to buy one now that is is on Verizon and I would really like to be able to use it with my car pc. I am running RR with the DFX 3.0 skin.