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PicViewer in BMV2 ?

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  • PicViewer in BMV2 ?

    Hi Guys,

    Im kind of new to this side of things , so please excuse me if im being a bit of an *** with some questions.

    I have BVM2 skin and i like it as it is , but out of curiousity i installed FSR skin and it had 2 things i really liked that werent in BVM.

    One is the PicViewer and the other is the games.

    Now i think i can get the games working just by going to apps and making a new app in there , but i want to have the picviewer as a button on the main page ... how do i do it ?

    The 2 scripts look very different , hence the confusion.

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    you can copy the screen for the picviewer from an existing skin of the same size into the BMV2 skin's folder or make a picviewer screen for it (that was never done).. then you can change a button you don't use from the main menu to the "PICS" command to load it.. there are also a few custom add-on screens for external picture viewers like 11view, that you should be able to use in any skin.
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      Thanks guino - ill check them out.


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        Hey - thanks for that , i copied the skin file and the SWF files and it all worked great - much appreciate the help on it.