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Using WMP as video player ?

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  • Using WMP as video player ?

    ok here's why first... I have a second screen powered by a USB2.0 VGA adapter, works quite well but RR wont show its video on it. I tried it with WMP and it works fine.. So I'm thinking would it be possible to use wmp for just video (dvd would then work too !)

    maybe a plugin ?

    Advice / help


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    well had a spare hour so just had a play with the wmp in vb.. it seems very easy to use, plays mp3/dvd/video etc..

    got it so far doing..

    Load , play , pause , stop , ff , rw.. you can resize it no probs, just got to work out playlists and how they work.. then it should be very easy to build something around
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      in some point i tried to use wmp ocx to do a video preview, and it did work find, but drop the idea because some video files are not supported by wmp. for audio i dont know. i even made it to record audio and all that.dont know if you are using this method.

      glad to see you active again, love your work in those great skins you have created.
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