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Salling Clicker and RoadRunner

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  • Salling Clicker and RoadRunner

    I have got Salling Clicker and got it working with winamp but not much luck with Salling Clicker/winamp/roadrunner has any on else tried this with any joy

    i know it should work

    quick one with this could i use my phone as keyboard?

    p.s i did search

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    i have salling clicker and im sure all of the things u want to do with can be done. I havent had time to really implement it yet as i currently do not have a carputer anymore, but i do know there is a script for SC that will let you use the phone as a keyboard for the pc. Also RR support keyboard shortcuts for any function so SC can be fully control RR if you wanted. When i do get around to getting it setup ill prob have to write a few SC scripts to tie everything together. But ill post the results when they are done.
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