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Can't compile RR Source

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  • Can't compile RR Source

    Hy Everybody... (sorry for the bad ingliss!!)

    I started using Visual Basic a month ago, by doing little programs and other utilities, with the intention of creating plugins for my external hardware project, and now i think that i am able to start with roadrunner...

    i removed all voices that uses MapMonkey and MapPoint, and it's all ok.

    i found missing DLLs (gdi+, hdradio, ecc) and the program compiles.

    i tried to switch to CrystalBlue Skin (W Dalailama!!) and i have the same known problems, because all the references to the skin are planned to be in the default path c:\programmi\road runner\skins\crystalblue\ and my compiled project is on the desktop.

    so, i removed the original roadrunner, and i put the source in the default path c:\programmi\road runner\ but while compiling, i get an "compiling error: not defined variable"

    the undefined variable is in this piece of code of cBitmap class module:

    Public Function CreateAtSize(ByVal lDX As Long, ByVal lDY As Long, Optional ForceGDI As Boolean = False) As Boolean
    If FastMode = -1 And Not ForceGDI Then
        'Create our internal image of it
        Set IMG = New GDIPBitmap
        IMG.CreateFromSizeFormat lDX, lDY, PixelFormat.Format32bppPArgb
        m_lDX = lDX
        m_lDY = lDY
        CreateAtSize = True
        HasPicture = True
    the "incriminated" variable is PixelFormat

    maybe it's me that i can's see a stupid mistake, but someone can help?

    thanks a lot!!!

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      GDI+ is it showing as missing under resouces? The TypeLib TLB did you download it from planet source? I googled the email address of the author to make sure I had the right library.

      No sure if this is the issue but it solved it for me.
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        i think that it's the right one, because in the first directory that i tried to compile, all was ok, except the skin that cannot find its files, but the program was successfully compiled...

        the problem comes out when i moved all the directory of the source in "c:\programmi\roadrunner"