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spider plugin, new labels/indicators/function/commands for silabs

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  • spider plugin, new labels/indicators/function/commands for silabs

    edit 7/22/2008
    i make some improvements on preset function and drivemon support
    i have upload new version of dll

    edit 7/14/2008
    this is the final version of my plugin for roadrunner and silabs
    it have many function

    1) directsound stereo or quadriphonic
    2) fast rds data
    3) full rds support
    4) full eon support
    5) smart automatic/manual seek for alternate frequencies
    6) smart preset, your radio station is found anywhere, if is in different frequence dll tune it
    7) TA function, rr is switched to radio if TA is transmitted on tuned frequence or EON 8) radio station
    9) NEWS function, rr is switched to radio if NEWS is transmitted on tuned frequence or 10) EON radio station
    11) radioart for tuned station and preset station
    12) setup for dll
    13) alternate frequencies list is update if new frequence is found
    14) eon radio station can be tuned by simple click on the screen
    15) you can setup your quadriphonic/stereo system using different volume for each channell
    16) popup for preset and af seek supported
    17) separate volume for channel-silab master volume
    18) differentvolume for TA Function
    19) different volume for NEWS function
    sorry if txt command is in italian, my friends carputer1 translate it soon

    in the file i stored a test skin for radio
    thr dll id optimized for single tuners, but work very fast
    smart af seek after 4-5 times you use, it tune the radio quickly
    this dll is an ideal solution for people travelling frequently on the same zones and own only one FM Radio

    remember to add x,testsilabdll inside the of your skin

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ImmagineSKINDEMO.JPG
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Size:	88.2 KB
ID:	2302675

    Click image for larger version

Views:	1
Size:	86.3 KB
ID:	2302676

    Click image for larger version

Name:	mixersilabs.JPG
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Size:	59.3 KB
ID:	2302696

    Click image for larger version

Name:	formsilabstest2.JPG
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Size:	65.7 KB
ID:	2302695

    i add in the zip file the last beta version of rr and usbradio.dll (5/27/2008)

    this file must be downloaded and installed for 2.0 version of the dll:
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    This dll and this plugin enables the functionality of the radio usb silabs taking it to the level of an autoradio rds.

    The dll Usbradio.dll created by SkyNet . You will find 2 UsbRadio.dll 1 for stereo version , and the other for quadraphonic version.

    Copy what is suitable for your system into your roadrunner Root.

    Copy the contents of the Road Runner folder to road runner Root.

    Follow the command regsvr32 testsilabdll.dll

    In the case of a previous installation, first de-register the dll with the command regsvr32 testsilabdll.dll / u then you may proceed with the New installation.

    In the radioart folder insert the graphics that shows the logo of the radio station, the name of .jpg must be the name of the pi address, (this the pi number of the station (the ‘p’ is the id code of the radio and is expressed in decimal code).

    The configuration file of the plugin is in the testsilabdllconfig folder, also the alternative preset frequencies of each radio (station?)


    The testsilabdll attaches a set of commands for starting and visualising the rds better to the pre-existing commands of Roadrunner.

    The dll furnishes a fast comprehensive rds support of all the present rds information.

    Function TA:

    If function Tl is activated Roadrunner will switch itself automatically to the radio screen in the case of a traffic bulletin, in the case of any transmitted message issuing on another radio (station) belonging to the EON group the radio will automatically tune in to that.

    Function NEWS:

    If the NEWS function is activated, Roadrunner will automatically switch to radio screen in case of news-type radio, in this case any message transmitted on another radio station belonging to the EON group the radio will tune automatically on that one.

    Function Tl:

    In the case of a radio station using an alternative frequency, you can use the af function in automatic or in manual (in manual mode, the command is sil_maf), this allows radio frequency to be changed searching for a better signal for the radio station listened to.

    Function Memory:

    If you should wish to memorise a preset key, the memory key must be activated, then press the preset key, the current radio station will be memorised on this.

    Function Popup:

    Your choice for skinners

    2 Popups can be integrated in the skin, one popup preset (doesn’t matter what the name is) and one search af popup (

    By use the command sil_setup you can access the dll setup. In this you can check if the popup af is active or not, if the preset popup is active or not, and if wished, that the silabs are changed during the search af.

    In the af popup you can put in position the sil_exitaf key through which it is possible to exit from the cycle returning to the original frequency, each function from the outside for the popup can be activated from the manual search key sil_maf.

    In the pre-set popup it is possible to insert pre-set selection keys, the pre-set name label, the pre-set indicators that visualise the miniature pre-set radio, but I recommend inserting also the sil_memory key to enable access to the saving of a pre-set.

    Function Set-up:

    The command sil_setup accesses a form of setup, through which you can access and modify the various values of the plugin configuration.

    You can make the 4 audio channels from the setup form that through the commands of the skin.

    When using the stereo version of the dll usbradio, 4 channels will be ignored.

    Function EON:

    I advise you to superimpose the name label of the radio station eon with it’s indicator, in this way it is possible, clicking on the name, to tune the radio to the eon station desired.


    You must insert the following command: “CLOSEWINDOW:SDKSilabs | | QUIT” into the ‘quit’ of road runner.


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      in my first test automatic af would seem to work
      in this test i haven't used the control of probability of the right station but in this first step the program work
      i check if pi is the same and if the actual frequence was not the same of the initial frequence, i need only to reorder the list starting with the greatest probability of the right frequency and then to decrease


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        in my actual version (1.6) i can use the automatic af
        list of alternate frequence were saved into a file and loaded and sorted usign percentuals of right tuned frequencies
        in the final versione the form is not present
        the only labels refreshed in the form are the list of af and frequencies and percentuals
        no one has written something on this thread lately, is it possible that this thing hasen't caught anybody interest?

        i'm making a plugin similar to iceradio but compatible to last version of rr end with better speed (i thanks the creator of usbradio dualtuner for better speed of rds string)
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          It would be nice if you acknowledged your sources.


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            you can dowload it from:
            last code i have upload is for the 1.2
            the name of souce are with "english" inside the name of the zip
            the other file are only the binary of dll
            i upload the 1.6 version soon as possible


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              Just to be clear, is this your radio DLL or the one coded by Pete, Guino and I here?


              Did you use any of our source code?

              Note, I don't actually mind - that's what it's there for, but it would be nice if you acknowledged us.


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                yes i start from the testsilabdll.exe code
                i convert it into a dll and add some features for the exetended plugin
                the original version of testsilabdll.exe code is written by RRMOBILE
                you can view this here:
                i think that the new version of testsilabdll.exe it's the same code written better


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                  version 1.6
                  its fix some bugs of old version
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                    ill DL it later tonight and try it out. ive never really fully got my radio palyer workign. thanks for your extra work


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                      i'll post a provvisory test screen with new commands to test it
                      some features like automatic af is disable because i need to coplete to develope it
                      the automatic af sil working on 80%, the oter 20% are the sub routine needed to get the af list and menù to set the tollerance porwer segnal of radio needet to start the automatic af, and swich command to set it and some minour features, its simple for me to realize them
                      semi/automatic af is working fine
                      in this moment i use the usbradio 0.6 to get the sf list for all station, then i use all the list af station in the usbradio 1.0
                      this because the usbradio 1.0 get me a list of PI code station, not the alternate frequence of radio tuned up,
                      i improve the function adding all the time you receive an af list where all the new frequence are not present in the older list
                      the max number of af fist is 25 by rds standard
                      the frequence non present is named "0", in the scan of automatic af the frequence we are starting for is not processed, same for the prequence named "0"
                      if the alternate frequence is tuned ok and pi of radio station is ok its percentuals of right tune is refreshed with a new number and the list of frequence is sort using the percentuals to sort it
                      the first frequence that the automatic af try is the most £right£ frequence if was tuned right, all the time the automatic af fail the tune its try to tune the frequence to the next in the list that have minour percentuals of right connections
                      this requaire less time to change from the initial frequence to the new right frequence

                      all the feature are simple to realize, but the dll take most the time i need for my occupation/study (i'm a lawyer) but i work on it in all my free time

                      Whereas i work to 2 weeks, in my free time, I believe that it has obtained good results
                      the automatic af function occupied most of the time and tried to optimize the first version to this better
                      more time i use this function, less is the time needed to change into the right frequence!
                      all using one silab
                      but i know i make better adding other funziotn inside the dll

                      (sorry for my english, i post from italy and i doesn't write in english from 12 hears ago)


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                        Looking good SpiderMunz,
                        your english isn't bad either.
                        P4 2.8 HT, 512Mb Ram, 60Gb 2.5 HD, M4-ATX, SB Audigy2, BU353, Lilliput TS,Soundgraph Imon VFD,SONY Optiarc dvd Burner,RideRunner, iGo8, Custom Freedom 2.1


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                          news from my dll

                          it save all its setting to a ini file
                          it save all alternate frequency of a radio station into a ini file
                          the file is named with the PI of station , in italy "RadioDj" has 21012 pi numeber, its ini file is 21012.ini
                          if the file doesn't exist is created, if file exist is used
                          nextly i improove the plugin that can be update the file adding new alternative frequencies
                          all the ini file are in a folder inside the root of road runner
                          the af is ok, now is activated by a command, nextly i active it by a control if the segnal strengt of radio station is to low
                          all the alternate frequence percentuals are saved and updated into the ini file, and the file is sort starting by the frequence that have the high percentuals

                          the road runner "FREQUENCE" label is refreshed after i use the af in a rirght number of frequence that i change (thanks guino )

                          the alternate frequecies is taken using 0.6 of usbradio.dll, my extension plugin work fine using 0.6 or newer version (but in version that were relased after 0.6 i can't take the af list, because the internal structure of usbradio.dll is changed to support dual tuner)


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                            spider man , i test you dll , and have the same error that one i donwload , when i change the station radio , one by one , the audio wave is down to 0 , why ah ? how i can fix that man , thanks mikee


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                              Originally posted by mikeeps2 View Post
                              spider man , i test you dll , and have the same error that one i donwload , when i change the station radio , one by one , the audio wave is down to 0 , why ah ? how i can fix that man , thanks mikee
                              ok i try to dio this
                              i add this to the "to do" list
                              but i never have this bug! it ca be depend byt other setting? try to contol them
                              but i think is simple to do in my code
                              i'm spidermunz, spiderman fly by his organic wire, i only serf on the net lol