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IBus Radio Display on LCD?

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  • IBus Radio Display on LCD?

    Hi All,

    Going to do my car pc soon and intergrating it with the E46 IBUS.

    Sorted with road runner etc, steering wheel commands etc.
    Question is, I would like to keep the Radio tunner in the boot and in theroy can control it by playing on the IBUS the button comands, i.e "FM" and buttons 1 - 6 etc and the tunning dial.
    But I dont know if there is any way to show on the car pc, the frequency the radio is being st to etc?

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    Any progress?

    I've been trying to get the same thing accomplished, but no luck.
    How have you made out so far?


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      I know that it is possible to show messages in the early BMW's on the instrument cluster, but I have not had any luck finding out how it is done in E46.

      I have posted a question on hacktheibus, but no answer as yet.

      Then there is ofcause the question on getting the information out of the radio. Are you using the BMW radio big_1, or maybe HQCT? HAve you sorted this bit?
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        I have changed car now to a 2005 E46 and no sat nav.
        Same question though but using the original BMW radio and hiding the head unit?


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          same messages that are sent from the radio to your dash could be picked up by your ibus interface. you need to identify them ibus analyzer and then tweek your sw. im not sure this can be done by ibuscomm. check with the rr ibus guys. i have not looked into that in a long time
          you should be able to run the radio from the pc too.
          and then you need to skin it. very possible and i am all for it! and yeah, you need to line the audio to the pc, but i guess that is already done.
          let me know how it goes, as i might buy a radio module if you succeed.
          My car installation mp3car thread "showing off project"


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            I think it can be done too but the only down side I see is I dont think you could get the frequency or RDS that the unit is tuned to display on RR