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  • RRExtension with lists

    I would like to make a RRExtension dll that uses a list object.

    In a RRExtension.vb is there a way to catch a click on a list item and set the text of a label or editbox (with a value that is associated with that item)

    In the skin I want to do this:
    define a list (which one do I use? PL, S...)
    define 2 buttons to go one item up and down
    define a editbox

    Thus, is there something like a ReturnList? or could I do this with the processcommand and use the frm parameter to get to the list object or item?
    How would i set the text of a label?

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    just use a custom list thats built into rr. CLADD and CLCLEAR are the commands u'll use and (SC) is the object you need. If you need to change the ONCLCLICK event in your plugin you can just define it in process command. That will override the whatever the default may be Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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