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shutdown screen info from gps

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  • shutdown screen info from gps

    I was reading another post and the guy was talking about putting an option in his front end that when you get to your "home" destination it brings up your shutdown/hibernate etc window.
    I thought this was a great idea because its currently 3 button pushes to shut down, and ive been thinking something that knows when im home would be great (if it could start the dinner and do the dishes now we are talking)

    is this possible in RR via a plugin?

    obvious things like:
    when you start the car it dosnt bring up the window if you are "home" already.
    a slightly wide area for being at "home" incase you dont park in the exact same place an option to make that window 2M or 5M or whatever round.

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    Problem with this is your GPS better be pretty accurate. Mine fluctuates and most do and are only accurate with in 5 meters. That is 15 feet.
    Also if in your drive way when you start up you will have to have some type of timer that would shut it down after you arrive to keep it from shutting you down when you first get going.
    You could use a WIFI signal. When you connect to the internet you can create a script that will look for a specific file that would be located on your network. When it finds it it shuts down the PC.
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      i was thinking it dosnt shutdown for you, it just brings up your exit/shutdown window when you get "home" so you can then just push 1 button.

      and a 5M window for the home area would be fine, could even put a timer in it so once you leave home, if less than 2 mins, dont bring up the shutdown window.

      there are times where i come home and want to update stuff so i wouldnt want it auto shutting down on me. just after the option to make it quicker


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        You can change the Exit button to just run the "shut down" command, and I'd recommend still having the exit menu as a press and hold option. That way it's one button. It's only two buttons for my skin anyways, and it's fast enough that having one wouldn't be that much quicker.

        Don't most SSC's do this for you though? It seems strange to have a gps signal control this.

        There was work being done on a similar application that ran a script or command based on location....

        Here it is:

        Native Reminder

        Maybe this will do what you want it to do.
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          i tried having "exit" just do the shutdown thing and kept shutting my pc down while driving. to many thumbs
          i have my minimise and exit RR in the same screen as shutdown..

          ill look into that tho, thanks


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            monkey was the reminder plugin ever finished?
            there seemed to be some very beta stuff there then others ran with it then nothing..
            any ideas?


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              No, it wasn't as I have been busy with the RRMedia plugin, but looking soon to finish up what i have and get a beta out.
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                cheers ..
                no hurry.. monday should be fine