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  • BTMute

    This is something I whipped at really quickly tonight for my needs and decided what the heck, maybe someone else would find it useful. Basically, what I needed is a small program that monitors my bluetooth phone and mutes my soundcard when I'm in a call (or when ringing). I used to use freefone, but it's not adequate for my needs for my taste (annoying alert sound, takes over the screen, mutes only winamp...). I use a bluetooth headset and I don't want/need to control my phone with my carpc.

    Usage is pretty simple, it needs one argument, which is the com port. Usage is the following, if my com port is 4, for example:
    btmute 4

    Easiest way is to copy the exe somewhere and to create a shortcut in the startup folder. Then edit the shortcut to add the command line argument.

    DISCLAIMER: I wrote this really quickly, there are no garantees it will work. It works on my setup (SE w810i and Widcomm). If you try it, leave a post with your success/failure experience.
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    I forgot to add, you need the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package, which can be found here:


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      Hey, thanks for providing the btmute.exe.

      i am also in the same situation as i can't get freefone to work correctly, but just wanted something to mute my sound card when i receive an incomming call.

      i am having problems setting up the .exe. Under device manager i can see the bluetooth communications port set as Com7. I installed your .exe into "D:\BTMute\BTMute.exe" and then put a shortcut into my startup folder and added the command line argument as follows:

      D:\BTMute\BTMute.exe btmute 7

      Not sure if i need to add a '-' before the argument.

      Just want to make sure i'm adding the command line argument correctly. Thanks for your help, if you need more info please let me know.

      Just wanted to add the drivers for my bt dongle are Widcomm also.



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        Forget BTMute and get PhoneMute instead, from here:

        I rewrote phonemute from scratch with a GUI interface, should be easier to use. Feel free to leave comments in the thread