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  • Mobilephone Plugin help

    Ok, I have this plugin installed and it works with my phone. However I can not get it to work with my microphone. I have installed a pci sound card because I though it might be my onboard sound card being bad. When I go to control panel/sounds and test my speakers and microphone everything is working. However when I call somebody or they call me, the microphone is not working with the Mobilephone Plugin. All they hear is static/feedback. I tried using the sound record that comes with windows and it works fine. Its like the Mobilephone Plugin is trying to still use on board sound card and not the pci board. I also tried using a usb sound card. I connect the mic to the usb sound card and then the speakers to the factory board. I went into my sound setting for the computer and assigned each to the correct device. I can not use the usb sound card for the speakers also because I get a lot of feedback/static for some reason. The mic would work now but I would not get any sound from my speakers when using riderunner. However if I just opened my songs or any thing else using windows everything worked fine. Why would I not be able to use two different sound cards with riderunner but I can with using windows media player by it's self?