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  • Suggestion about background

    Hello, i have see some difference between the Ride runner versions, expecially between the time when was called "RoadRunner", but there is a function that is still not be implemented i don't know if a plugin could fix it, maybe need an upgrade of RR for make it possible... i was wondering if is possibile to make an animated swf or even a gif as background, implementing DreamScenes as background would be a big upgrade of visual, ofcourse there are age of work for let ride runner seems like a media center [i have loved the first elisa media center was simple but had an high impact with fx and other particles], if it could be possibile i really suggest some one skilled to do it [saddly i'm not skilled for do it i would but i can't i did a try you can check a video on "Elite 2" discussion under Skins in dev. at page 3/4, the background works but bugs]
    Thanks for have read.

    If you don't know what a DreamScene here is a link about a dreamscene of Crysis:
    [i love it]