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Weather plugin in French?

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  • Weather plugin in French?

    Hi all,

    I would like to know if it was possible with the weather plugin to have information in French?

    If not, is it possible to have the source code to see if something is feasible?
    In Centrafuse that uses the same site (The Weather Channel) for weather information can be translated via an xml file.

    Thank you.

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    Sorry, I don't know about that, but I think you'd better to search for some useful information through Google. Maybe you will find the answers.


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      Thank you but I don't think google will help me this time.
      weather.dll must be changed and only the developers of RR should be able to do this. That's why I asked the source code for the DLL in order to change the manner of Centrafuse.

      Now I don't think they will give access to the source code of this DLL as it is part of RR. But if they could consider that request, it would be a plus for RR.


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        Good Luck


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          Might be easy to impliment..
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            Yes I think!
            I have seen in previous posts that you had developed the WeatherRR Plugin.
            Is this one which is now integrated into RR? If so, what you can change it or you need the agreement of mitchjs or do you want that I change for you?

            Thank you


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              he doesnt need me... its if he has the time to do it.... thats my guess... its just a plugin... you know vb6?

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                Yes I know VB6 but it's very long since I have to work with, I now work with Java.

                You send me the source code via email or?
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                  Is there a place I can download the source code?
                  If I could have it before the weekend it would be cool because I have more free time this weekend!

                  Thank you


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                    Originally posted by Blue ZX3 View Post
                    Might be easy to impliment..

                    Blue, I can easily add multilanguage to plugin if you want, like I have with RRTrafficcam, RRFuelPrices and my iDrive skins.

                    Just send me the source, I will add the translation code and send the source back to you.

                    In fact, I think you only need to send the extension.cls


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                      Personally I think that the xml is better this way each user can edit the file at their convenience and can also add as many language file you want via a setting in the skin.ini or rr.ini (for example in skin.ini weatherlang = French and weather.dll load the file french.xml ...)


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                        If any one uses the Weather Channel XML feed for current weather and forecast, be aware that they are discontinuing that service 10/31/2011 and replacing it with a $62 monthly service.

                        I got the notice today as I use it in a program that I have.

                        So, it may be necessary to create new weather support for RR should anyone wish it.

                        I've done a very cursory search and I believe that the NWS has a similar feed but I'm not sure. Currently I use their radar source.



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                          $62 per month is steep, I got the notice as well.
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                            Yea, that is just insane! I spent about 10 hours on the new .net weather plugin, fixing and adding things, just to find this out!

                            I already have a new XML feed, that is free, that I am starting to work on another weather plugin......
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