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Streaming Bluetooth A2DP Audio in RR

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  • Streaming Bluetooth A2DP Audio in RR


    I've been searching the thread and can't find anything on the topic. One of the feature I had in Centrafuse was the Bluetooth audio feature where you connect any BT device (iPhone, Andoid Phone, etc.) thru an A2DP connection and the audio is streamed to your speakers. I've searched the see if a plugin exists for Winamp or RR, but no such luck. Has anyone ever tried this? I do not want a physical connection to get the audio. I prefer a BT connection.


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    i do this with windows media player..


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      I was hoping RR had a plugin to do it. It is almost a must have for me. I have my pc in an inconvenient location and it works well with CF. I've also checked to see if there was a plugin to Winamp to do this as with WMP, but no joy. Oh well. I'll just play my Pandora stream in CF until I can figure this out thru RR. Thanks for the reply.



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        Depending on your Bluetooth adapter and bluetooth stack you should be able to do this directly without using any software. Other than that I have only seen hardware that can be used as A2DP speakers. Making any kind of software to do this would be highly dependent on the bluetooth stack used, so it would have very limited use.
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