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Modify the 'ONBTNPRESS' and 'ONBTNHOLD' by plugin

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  • Modify the 'ONBTNPRESS' and 'ONBTNHOLD' by plugin

    Hello all,
    By default inton the Carwings Dynamics Lite skin and other, a a specific command is defined for the events 'ONBTNPRESS' and 'ONBTNHOLD'.
    For my las plugin RRSimon i need to define 1 different song for each button pressed !
    How can i do that please:
                Case "onbtnpress"
                    ProcessCommand = 2
                Case "onbtnhold"
                    ProcessCommand = 2
    And when i quit the game , i should like to have the old pressed buttons settings ?

    Thanks for your helps !

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    There's nothing wrong with the command as you have it there. The events will still get executed in RR and in each plugin that uses them. The key is you aren't modifying the command after processing.

    If for some reason you wanted to override the event entirely so only your plugin processes it you could do something like this:

    if MyPluginActive = true then
        Select case (lcase(CMD))
            case "onbtnpress"
                MyPluginFunction() /,whatever you want to do goes there
                CMD = ""
        End Select
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