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    I found voice control to be a nice complement to car computing, I found if very useful and fairly accurate for the most part but I was running into limitations with adding commands and keeping focus on the apps I was trying to control from ones that I have tried. So I created one so I could modify as needed and made it very flexible for other apps. I made it so it would load a different command sets for the different apps and sets focus on apps it does not have api access too. Nothing hardcoded but some system commands (open CD, time and date, etc.)

    Anyways I wrote it in VB6 to possibly integrate it with RR since that turned out to be the front end of choice for me - Thanks Guino. Well that day came and I integrated a simple version of it and since RR is capable of sending commands to other apps it works well in the simple form.

    It can easily be modified to add for any commands RR can send and there is a SendKey function to send alphanumeric for text input and edit commands so you can add other sendkey commands but striped everything else for now. I added two indicators one for !MIC_ENABLED one and one for !ONCOMMAND for visual aid in the skin. There is a hotkey to trigger command mode - currently it is F10


    * Supports most Road Runner Commands
    * Support for Destinator
    * Support for FreeDrive
    * Support for MapPoint
    * Support for iGuidance
    * Support for PhoneControl.NET - thank you zorro!
    * Support for XM and Sirus
    * Configurable greeting and randomized replies
    * hotkey to use as the keyword - currently is F10

    Recent Additions:
    ~ added confirmation for dial, shutdown and hibernate/standby commands
    ~ Dictation - free speech recognition for quick notes and textboxes
    ~ added confirmation to dictation
    ~ activate rules (command sets) by current screen - i.e. enable navigation rule only in GPS screen
    ~ added dynamic voice dialing - currently by switching to dictation mode(need to automate the switch) and saying "dial 7025551212"
    ~ added static voice dialing ie "dial home", this also works with buttons as well ("PHOCO_DIAL;7025551212")
    ~ added read from file - currently only txt files "read files"
    ~ added read from clipboard - allows you to copy text and it will read it "read clipboard"
    ~ added standby/hibernation back in since pulling code out of the rr.exe - 05-02
    ~ added doevents loop to rid of the gui hesitations while speaking - done - 05-02

    Current Efforts: - in current test version
    ~ added progressbar for mic volume - done
    ~ added configuration to setup different voices for commands, alerts, and reading - done
    ~ added Outlook schedule - "today's appointments", "next appointment" - done
    ~ added Outlook read email - "check email", "read last email" - done

    ToDo List:
    ~ finish 'What commands can I say' type help support
    ~ Playlist by voice - working!!! need to make it so you don't need exact title

    Other software:
    Here is a link to the Speech Recognition Engine - you will need to install the SDK as they don't have just the engine install available alone

    Here is a MS tool to backup and restore Speech Profiles. It maybe possible to transfer from home to car, but I don't know how sensitive it would be on using a different Mic or different acoustics of home versus car.

    added standby/hibernation back in
    added doevents while speaking to avoid hesitations

    added voice configuration
    added read email for Outlook
    added read appointments from Outlook
    added progressbar for mic volume

    Voice Control is now in Road Runner starting with 5-1 release - Thank you for including it Guino

    You will need to add the files below to your RR directory and
    add a UseVoiceControl=True line to the RR.ini
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    I can't really answer your wuestion, but I've been looking for a voice command software for a while now...I'd love to give it a go.
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      I'd give it a go.


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        The road is long but we are getting there.


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              its an open source program. There shouldnt be any issues.
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                Wow, this works great!!! I like it a lot!
                Oh, the computer is really chatty too...
                Thanks a lot whodwho! Awesome!

                One thing though. Once you press hide, you can't bring it back up, and it gets a lot of false commands (like "bless you" or "excuse you" - nice add), so there should be a button (maybe integrated in RR, or a short cut key) to enable and siable it. I think mute/unmute the mic is the easiest around this.

                Ok, off to train SAPI more... This is fun!
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                  And just noticed: the "mute" command, also mutes the mic, so there's no voice solution to unmute.

                  Oh, and it works with 5.0 too. I've now upgraded to 5.1, and will try it out with this version.
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                    You can change the "chatty" when you get tired of it by changing the 'repeat' option in the voices.ini file

                    You can play with the sensitivity adjustments in the speech properties in control panel to adjust pronunciation sensitivity and accuracy versus speed. I have mine at 3/4 each.

                    You can delete those out of the keyword.xml and recompile, it was just to show you could add speak entries there. You will find what will help with false recognition is to not use short commands they are more susceptible.

                    If you hide the window you can say "system show yourself" and the window should pop backup. There is a button command to add to your skin that will enable/disable called 'MIC' could add one for show/hide the window as well.

                    Mute will mute the response but the microphone is still active and should allow you to say mute again to unmute, let me know if that is not the case.

                    and don't forget to "thank you" to the computer once in awhile...


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                      It can be configured according to the skin right? I'm using the iDrive skin, and that has a bit more menus, and it's a bit different that other skins...

                      Here it is:
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                        I just did a quik session of training, and it worked better wiout training...I think I'm gonna have to train it more.
                        That "bless you" and "excuse you" thing unfortunatly have to go...every minor thing it hears it starts excusing me...too bad, I kind of liked it...

                        Oh, and yeah, I will tank the computer every once in a while...but first I'm thanking you Whodwho.
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                          I've just noticed that in the Video menu in RR, speech doesn't want to work...

                          How do I get rid off the bless you thing?

                          Also, I don't know why, at first it worked fine, but now it doesn't want to respond...?
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                            One way you can add the additional screens/menus is to call them by the ExecTBL.ini file and call by that entry for the button and voice command.


                            change the button command to:

                            put an entry in the ExecTBL.ini file as:
                            "LOADCLIMATE","LOAD;;;Climate||ACTIVAT E;RoadRunner"

                            put an entry in the command.xml file under <!--commands from ExecTBL.ini --> using the grammar compiler as:
                            <P VALSTR="LOADCLIMATE">climate</P>

                            save and compile


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                              Originally posted by Cris
                              I just did a quick session of training, and it worked better wiout training...I think I'm gonna have to train it more.
                              That "bless you" and "excuse you" thing unfortunately have to go...every minor thing it hears it starts excusing me...
                              Is this the same mic that you started with? I have two; a wired and a bluetooth and cannot use the same profile. I found that I turned off the background adaptation option as it would seem to degrade after a while and I would have to delete and start a new profile.

                              to get rid of the "bless you/excuse you" open the keyword.xml with the grammar compiler and delete the three lines or the whole rule from RULE NAME to /RULE for the speak rule, save and recompile.