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Bugs with plugins.

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  • Bugs with plugins.

    I have a few 'bugs' regarding plugins.

    1. The INC function causes a plugin to throw a wobbly, on the CDRIP one is causes a subscript out of range error, on the RRMobile plugin it casuses it to not even load.

    2.Scrolling text does not seem to work. It becomes stationary, with an occasional flicker.

    Not a bug as such, but I suspect plugin writers and not catering for non-standard buttons. maybe there should be a default that once the plugin has searched all the buttons options in it's processing it just sends the command to RR and sees what happens.

    I may have some others later.

    Oh yeah

    3. I have the time set as AM/PM, but on the plugin screens it changes to 24 hour.

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      1.This is a limitation of the plugin being based on older code (That used to be in RR). RR has evolved plenty since the release of base plugin sources, so it probably doesn't support the INC definition yet. This could be added by the author (just a matter of copying some newer code from RR's sources).

      2.The author has the choice to make scrolling text and flash available on the plugins.. but code needs to be prepared propperly for that to happen (This is explained in the comments of the source code).

      3.The time display format is entirely up to the author, he can make an INI choice (like in RR) or make it read the format from RR.INI.

      There has been considerable changes made to RR in the past few months, I should probably just re-make the base plugin sources so it incorporates newer features and fixes already available in RR. However, I do believe that expanding the extension plugin interface is a better option altogether.
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