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Suggestions for plugins using latest versions of iGuidance and RR

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  • Suggestions for plugins using latest versions of iGuidance and RR

    I have spent hours reading threads and remain somewhat confused as to what plug-ins remain useful when using the newest versions of iGuidance (3.0) and Road Runner (September 2006 build). I appreciate your recommendations with a similar set-up - thanks -


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    Great question. I asked something similar not long ago and didn't get much guidance. After mucking about a bunch I've learned a few things and hopefully someone else can fill in the blanks.

    The first thing is that you really don't need iglaunch or skinbedder anymore to skin iG3. With the latest betas of RoadRunner you can use iGNative = true in the rr.ini to embed it directly.

    Now with that said there are a few challenges presented. I've been told iGMon is the solution to making the GPS pop up whenever you're approaching a turn and having it announce the name of the roads you're turning onto. Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to get those capabilities without getting all of it's other buttons appearing on my screen at random. One day, maybe someone will tell me.

    Lot of people are doing mods to the UMPC version of iG3 to make it fit better with their skins or just to add back features like latitude and longitude destinations. JohnWPB has put together a pretty nice package with his BlueDevil skin. The only thing it was missing was a nice way to change over to a qwerty keyboard.

    Enter lostreception's iG-(Q). With a patched UMPC iG3 (JohnWPB's mod includes the patch but some others do as well) this little program stays memory resident and replaces the alphabetical order keyboard with a qwerty when it appears. It's still a little buggy for some people (i.e. me) but it's most of the way to being pretty sweet already. And it's skinabble. There's a BlueDevil skin for it as well.

    Can you tell I like the BlueDevil skin?


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      iGuidance 3.0 and Plugins

      mthespian, WoW! I appreceiate the enthusiasm with my skin It's nice to see a lot of hours of work is at least giving some other people a little satisfaction as well.

      jjwolkster, what can I say, mthespian summed up just about everything regarding iGuidance 3.0.

      With the latest Road RUnner Beta, there is no longer a need for a plugin to remove the top menu bar and borders (iGLaunch for instance). The code to do this is now built dirrectly into Road Runner.

      As mthespian mentioned, the friggin alphabetical keyboard was a HUGE pet pieve of mine, and LostReception fixed that one for all of us!

      In regards to iGMon, unfortunately, it does not work all that well with the latest release (3.0) of iGuidance. It relied heavily on accessing the keyboard shortcuts of iGuidance, which for some STUPID reason, they decided to do away with most of them in the latest iGuidance. The lowering music will still work, as well as poping up the GPS screen, when a turn is approaching.

      In my case, I have removed all of the iGMon buttons from the screen, and just let it run in the background to pause the music, and pop the GPS screen to front when a turn is approaching.

      As most of the control of iGuidance has been hindered by the loss of the keyboard shortucts, many of us have written AutoIt scripts to hook into iGuidance and control it. Liquid Smoke has done this with his skin, as I have. On my skin there is a button on the GPS screen, in the top right, that when pressed, brings up an "overlay menu". The menu contains items like navigating to the closest fast food, gas station, ATM ect ect...

      Download the Blue Devil skin, and the scripts are included with it. You can either use that skin, or create buttons in your own, or another skin, to run those scripts to control iGuidance.

      Hope this helps you out a little bit!
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        John, removing the iGMon buttons is the next task I want to perform. How did you accomplish it? I've turned them off but they seem to come back on randomly.