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RRMobile Phone Plugin "Source Code" Give Away!

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  • RRMobile Phone Plugin "Source Code" Give Away!

    Hi guys

    As some of you already know I started this project in conjunction with the birth of my second doughter.

    After 6 months of struggling and fighting to find enought time to continue the project I have to stop it for a while.

    As I promised in march, in case of "give-up", i'm ready to give back to the community the source code.

    Anyone who send me his email in PM I will reply with a 4Mb ZIP file with the source code.

    A big thank to anyone who helped me in the journey!!


    My project use the COMM object developed by Franson. You can download the demo from their site and you will have a temporary license but for real use you have to purchase the licesce that costs a few dollars!
    In the souce code you will find the following instuction: oRRMComm.Licensekey="<some characters>" this is a "NON VALID" license. You have to obtain the yours and sobstituite the string!
    You can download my Road Runner plugin from:

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    PM send
    My car: 2009 MAZDA CX-9 3.7L V6 runnin on LPG (Liquid Petrol Gas)
    Hardware: None at the moment
    Software: None at the moment
    See: Velleman K8055 Plugin for Road Runner

    Progress: [XXXXXXXXXX] 0 % DONE


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      RRMobile, I know exactly what you feel. Having a little baby and trying to get something done is a major challenge. Sleep is the most luxurious commodity let along getting some work done. . Yup my little boy just turn 1. The first couple months you can get thing done, but after that forget it. Everytime I hold him next to the computer/keyboard, every button will be press non stop
      Anyway, enjoy your time with the little baby. Once she start crawling/walking, you can't hold her any more . And I am sure you will miss the feeling when holding her in your arm.

      Anyway, PM sent
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        Will contract for C++/Win-Linux/PIC jobs


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          PM Sent. Really interested on taking this over to provide a decent alternative to Phoco.


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            Well, I'm not a programmer but just would like to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to RRMobile for the app. I'm really looking forward for the day this app matures like RR itself.



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              PM sent 2 days ago, and email today - no reply so far.

              Has anybody actually received the source file yet?
              Max Perry

              Acer laptop Pentium M 735 1.7Ghz, 1.25Gb RAM, 64Gb solid state drive, Windows 7 32-bit
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                I second SentraVIP's comment. Great app! Lets keep it going!
                02 Corvette Z06
                CarPC: 8" Zenarc molded in dash, P3 1Ghz CPU in custom Amp/PC box. RoadRunner, IG3, XM, ODBC (HP Tuners), Cameras


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                  PM sent 3 days ago - no reply so far.


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                    Well, like he/she said... Bz with kids. Maybe a while longer? *finger's crossed*


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                      Just received the file! Now to sort out how to use it.
                      Max Perry

                      Acer laptop Pentium M 735 1.7Ghz, 1.25Gb RAM, 64Gb solid state drive, Windows 7 32-bit
                      Lilliput 8" LCD 829GL
                      Garmin Mobile PC GPS


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                        Sent PM


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                          If someone receives the source can he upload it somewhere so we don't need for rrmobile to send us a copy. It will also take the load of him for sending so many emails to all that are interested
                          The road is long but we are getting there.


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