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Webplugin nowhere to be found!!!

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  • Webplugin nowhere to be found!!!

    Does anybody know where can I download it from? thanks.

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    I had to take out from my other carpc, can someone tell me what happend to the website?


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      I can't find this either. I need to use this instead of the WEB command to pass it specific URLs when loading



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        May be a repost, but I couldn't find any info on using the inbuilt Web Browser effectively for the life of me.

        I have found a way to load fresh web pages in RR. (You may have found like me that if you had 2 buttons that took you to different web pages, they didn't update properly.)

        Firstly, edit the exit button on so that it reads:
        B10,710,0,90,85,"CLOSEWINDOW;Microsoft Internet Explorer||Exit","exit"
        This will close IE every time you exit the skin.

        Then edit the buttons loading your specific pages so they read like this:
        B05,[x],[y],[h],[v],"LOAD;;RUN;C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IExplore.exe|;Microsoft Internet Explorer;TRAFFIC"

        Hope this helps anyone stuck like I was...


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          PS. Found the WebPlugin link:


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            I have uploaded the webplugin zip to my site as the one above was gone when i checked .... i had it working but i had a problem and managed to mess it up and eventually found it and with thanks to this site managed to get it working as i had it ....

            It didnt have any details on how to get it working initially in the zip so i added in a quick readme but im not sure if its very accurate.

            Its available on