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  • RRScript...

    Yeah, Another Plugin, I can't stop...
    RRScript is a VBScript Host plugin that allows you to create, test, and run VBScripts in RideRunner.
    Scripts are run from RideRunner with a command such as:
    rrscript;$pluginspath$rrscript\scripts\helloworld. rrs
    The extension is .rrs, scripts can reside anywhere...
    The RRSDK Object is already exposed for you...
    As you can see from the captures that other objects can be created...
    Most, and I say most because I have not tested all, of the VBscript library can be scripted. A good listing of VBScript can be found here...
    This could be the only scripting mechanism you need for RR...
    I am doing the alpha testing right now and I am open to any ideas...
    Gimme some input...
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    I would give you some um...I have none, and frankly, I'm confused as to why this might be needed/useful? As we can already accomplish the same thing in RR now...

    Eg.. "RUNQ;C:\Windows\System32\wscript.exe|$pluginspath$rrscript\scripts\helloworld. rrs"

    To make it even easier to use just declare the full path to the exe in rr.ini:

    Then you cmd would just be:

    "RUNQ;$wscript$|$pluginspath$rrscript\scripts\helloworld. rrs"

    Oh, and BTW... that color is past its prime
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      Well, Maybe a superuser such as yourself, might not see the usefullness of this, but I bet a newbie or someone who doesn't have a compiler, or someone who doesn't like autoit, ect.. might find it usefull.
      It has an IDE that you can create, test, and save scripts. It has the RRSDK object embedded into the host, so a new user doesn't have to create it in wsh. Sure, same script host, but with a GUI, instead of a command line host...
      BTW, You should get out more, Retro is IN baby...