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  • RRTranslate

    V1 available (link at the bottom of this post)

    I had the idea of this plugin when creating my skin. I developed my skin in French but want to make it available on this forum (English).
    Rather than make available two skins I decided to do 1 skin with 1 plugin.

    This plugin allows you to translate your skin.
    It includes:
    a configuration file (translate.ini)
    a variables file ("skin name".ini, this allows the plugin to work with multiple skin)
    dll plugin (of course)

    It should also have in your skin folder a folder containing the language folders. (example: carwings\languages\English\)
    Each language folder must have mandatory an image file(representing the national flag), a .lng file(containing all define for the translation of labels, this file will be included in your skin) with the same name that language folder (example: english.jpg and english.lng)
    Optionally an image file for the banner of waiting(transparent or not, example: waiting.png) and a folder "images" (containing all images to be replaced in the translation).

    How does this plugin:
    1. when choosing the language, it displays the waiting banner if the option "waitimage" is true.
    2. Settings users variables (translate_language & translate_languageinc).
    3. if the option "images" is true, it copies the images from the folder images in the folder language.
    4. if the option "languagevar" is true, it sets the variables defined in the file "skin name".ini with respect from the file .lng.
    5. remove the waiting banner, if "waitimage" is true.
    6. reload the skin

    I use the "images" option because it may be that in your skin there have images with text (example: CARWINGS menu, back or more button)
    The "languagevar" option is used in order to position the variables to be used in exectbl.ini or other because it is not possible to use the define in exectbl.ini.
    example: in my skin I use the wifiman plugin, in exectbl.ini I have "ONWIFIMAN_CONNECTED","setvar;CONFIRMLABEL;tex t in french||MENU;"
    I don't use define as incompatible with exectbl I therefore requires a variable will be set with my plugin "ONWIFIMAN_CONNECTED","setvar;CONFIRMLABEL;$VARIAB LE$||MENU;",
    in "skin name".ini I have VARIABLE=DEF and in my french.lng I have /DEFINE DEF text in french and in english.lng /DEFINE DEF text in english
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    It's a cool initiative but what is the difference with this plugin ?


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      The difference is that it also copies the images.
      Many skins used buttons in the images with text and it is impossible to translate without repeating the image. Therefore it was a set of french and english images.

      la différence est que celui-ci copie également les images.
      Beaucoup de skins utilise des boutons dans les images avec du texte et cela est impossible à traduire sans refaire l'image. Donc avec celui-ci on a un jeu d'image anglais et francais.


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        it only needs the documentation and I post the first version


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          Cool !!


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            I'm sorry but i can't post the first version, my laptop died and all my sources are on it. So I search a solution to retrieve my sources. I think to take my HDD from my laptop and put it on my carpc then copy all sources on usb key, to work on PI at my house.

            Sorry again.


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              ok I was able to repair the PC and get my source code. So I post a first version of RRTranslate.
              Feel free to play with and to list the bugs that you might find. Or improvements you think.

              Link to download the PI in the first post

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                The INC,Include\Iconbuttons.txt file is not into your example :-) !


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                  Ok thanx,
                  I updated the setup but this line can be removed.


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                    Ok .